At 50 years of age, Joe Rogan is at better physical shape than many 30 yr olds. And it’s not only his physique that’s impressive, he’s also managing to stay mentally sharp too. Whether he’s injecting testosterone, consuming elk meat or hulking down vegetable smoothies, Joe is always on the watch out for performance enhancing substances.

As a result of Joe’s UFC and operate comedy commitments, Joe needs to travel a whole lot round the USA. This explains his selection of multivitamin supplement, which is offered in handy little packets, containing a range of different vitamins, minerals and fish oil. This can be a way to save time, simply because you don’t need to start x a few different vitamin tubs to allocate your everyday ration.

Joe values omega-3 fish oils highly, and ensures he’s taking them regularly. Within the same Tom Papa podcast above, you are able to skip to 1:02:40 where they discuss the importance of fish oils, and how it’s more efficient than getting the omega-3s from flax-seed or hemp oil.

Based upon Joe’s Instagram post, his YouTube tour of his vitamin cupboard, and also the latest Dr Rhonda Patrick podcast, Joe currently takes Carlson’s Super Omega-3 fish oil in liquid form. He currently takes 3 tablespoons daily (he mentions the dosage within his latest podcast with Rhonda Patrick).

If you discover capsules easier (as I do), it also comes in two capsulated versions; one with beef gelatine capsules, and the other with fish derived capsules (ideal for pescetarians). A 2 capsule serving contains 1,200mg omega-3s, including 600mg EPA & 400mg DHA.

Since Joe was young, he trained as a taekwondo fighter, competing nationally. Even though he finished fighting competitively, he still trains hard. This leads to numerous damage on the joints, and thus Joe uses glucosamine & chondroitin.

Nowadays the phrase “nootropics” is common place, and it also seems many people are familiar with the idea of Joe Rogan Supplements. However, just like a lot of things, Joe was in front of the curve. One of the first (or even the very first) he took was one called Neuro1. The product came about after NFL linebacker Bill Romanowski started losing his memory, using a 16 year career. In the market for solutions, Bill brought together doctors, scientists, and nutritionists to make a solution which adphxz his cognitive decline.

Given Joe’s involvement at Onnit, along with his prior usage of Neuro1, I don’t think it’s a stretch to visualize that Onnit’s flagship product Alpha Brain took some “inspiration” from Neuro1.

Nowadays, Joe’s visit nootropic is Alpha Brain, in pill form and sachet form. Although he notes that most the supplements ingredients could be bought separately at a discount, it would just require more time and effort.

Interestingly, Onnit did sponsor a 63 person study that published results showing that Alpha Brain improved “delayed memory recall” vs a placebo. Specifically that’s where participants are told/shown something, then the break occurs, then they’re later asked questions that needs these to recall the details these people were earlier provided. Now, given that Onnit sponsored the research, we must use appropriate scepticism in interpreting their good results; but thought it interesting to mention nonetheless.